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Registered counselling psychologist in Harley Street, Fitzrovia, Central London, Reigate, in Surrey & online counselling

Do you feel like living a Ground Hog Day, every day feels the same struggle?

You have somehow managed to live your life to this point regardless of the pain you are carrying inside.

You are generally dissatisfied with the direction of your life and the quality of your relationships.

You are longing for a fulfilling relationship and connections with people.

You feel an internal void and emptiness, but you are not sure what is causing that. Perhaps you have tried to fill it in with food, relationships or drinking too much, but it still remains.

You have survived difficult childhood experiences; sometimes the memories raise their heads and are frightening you as if it was yesterday making you feel anxious and on edge.

You often feel ashamed and/or guilt for many things and this is stopping you from having the life you wish to have: a life full of joy and fulfilling relationships.

You are now ready to take ownership of your life, start healing internal wounds and work towards living wholeheartedly?

Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

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Counselling Psychology client
Individual Therapy
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Therapy models:

10 Harley Street consulting room

Dr Mari Kovanen, Counselling Psychologist, consulting room on Harley Street

“North Cottage” consulting room in Reigate

Dr Mari Kovanen, Counselling Psychologist, consulting room on Harley Street

Warm welcome!

I’m so glad you are here and looking for support with your emotional pain and distress. The goal here is to empower You to have mental clarity, heal from past wounds, grow into the person You would like to become, thrive in your life, and have great, meaningful relationships.

My name is Dr Mari Kovanen, CPsychol, a registered counselling psychologist. I have a deep and genuine interest in working with individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, whether it is a trauma of any kind, you define it, and/or emotional neglect. When you either grew up in an environment that is not supportive of emotional needs or something traumatic takes place during the early years, your adult well-being can be significantly impacted. You may experience anxiety, depression, struggle in your relationships and perhaps feel like you don’t quite belong anywhere and have constantly a feeling of emptiness or an internal void. Together we can work towards healing your internal wounds and support you in starting to live wholeheartedly.

Similarly, when in a relationship, our early relationships with care-givers act as blueprints for future relationships. There are challenges in all relationships, but if, for example, one of you grew up in an environment where love was not expressed openly or difficult topics discussed peacefully, this can put a lot of pressure on the couple relationship. My other interest is to help individual clients and couples to understand their relationship dynamics, develop personally and work on their relationship at the same time.

How to get started with counselling & psychotherapy?

1. Book your FREE, no obligation, 15min phone consultation. 

2. The initial assessment session will be arranged.

I’d love to hear from you.

Start your healing journey now!

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