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You identify yourself as a worrier and excessive worry is ruining your life.

You are generally dissatisfied with the direction of your life and the quality of your relationships.

You long for a fulfilling relationship and deep connections with people.

You feel like you are different from everyone else and feel this internal emptiness, but you are not sure what is causing that. Perhaps you have tried to fill it in with food, relationships, drinking too much or perhaps even tried some therapy, but it still remains.

You often feel ashamed and/or guilt for many things and this is stopping you from having the life you wish to have: a life full of joy and fulfilling relationships.

You are now ready to take ownership of your life, get rid of the excessive worrying, start healing and work towards living wholeheartedly – feeling happier and more content in your life?

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About Dr Mari

A warm welcome!

I’m so glad you are here and looking for support and a way out of that emotional pain. My goal is to support you to get to a place where worry and anxiety do not run your life anymore and you have ways to manage worry that may be caused by changing life events, that inner critic of yours cannot keep you away from your dreams anymore, your relationships feel deeper and more fulfilling, and you are able to fully engage in life, have joy and live wholeheartedly.

My name is Dr. Mari Kovanen, CPsychol, a registered counselling psychologist. I have a deep and genuine interest in working with individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, whether it is a trauma of any kind, you define it, and/or emotional neglect. My other specialist interest is supporting individuals with relationship difficulties. This could be anything from being single and struggling to find a partner, being in an unhappy/toxic relationship, to recovering from a break-up. I also work with couples wanting to re-build their emotional connection and be able to live wholeheartedly together.

Take your first step now towards living wholeheartedly and having fulfilling relationships – get in touch!

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