We are living in very unsettling times. The news is full of the V-word and we are constantly updated (bombarded) with images or information in the media and social media. You may wonder how can you cope with all of this anxiety that either or those near you carry.

Our brain was designed to keep us safe when our ancestors lived in caves and we get alarmed every time there is an update on the phone, radio or tv. This is likely to make you feel on edge and alarmed. You may feel that you can’t shut down at all and relax. If you have experienced childhood trauma and feel particularly triggered, I have also written this post that may be helpful your experience.

Whether you are affected by the virus directly or indirectly, it is of course very worrying times as the information what you should be doing to keep yourself and others safe is constantly changing. All of this may feel very overwhelming. I have been thinking about how could I support you to stay grounded during this time….

How could you help yourself to feel more grounded?

Switch off all the noise and perhaps agree with yourself that you check any updates only in the morning after you have got up (out of bed) and once in the evening if possible. You will then have enough information to know what you need to know.

Then do activities that really make your heart sing….
+Connect with a friend online and decide to talk about something that is important or interesting to you.

+Get to know your partner on a deeper level. Take in turns talking about your greatest passions and secret dreams you have. And if you are well, of course, kissing and cuddling helps to release that oxytocin that helps you to feel calmer… (If your relationship is in trouble, this previous post might help you. 7 Steps for transforming your relationship)

+Knitting (perhaps set up an online knitting club with like-minded people)


+Colouring (those adult colouring books)

+Yoga & meditation

+Singing – singing with a friend over Skype or FaceTime, WhatsApp

+Cooking (a new recipe)


+ Making 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

+Listening to music your favourite (perhaps cheesy) music


+Bird watching

+Walking / running in nature

+Get on the kids’ trampoline if you happen to have one

Any activity that allows you to get so engrossed in it that you forget the time for a while.

Over the weekend, I was baking some bread rolls and listening to the 90s tunes. After about 90min of this, I realised that I was so much more relaxed and almost surprised that I could so turn off all the noise. This was a great reminder to me how we can help ourselves by turning off the constant noise of virus-related messages. We need to have moments of peace to continue looking after ourselves and our loves ones.

I wish you good health!

Warm regards