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Couples counselling in Central London and Reigate

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Are you struggling in your relationship?

  • Is your relationship on the brink of destruction? Perhaps the D-word has been thrown in the air?
  • Does the relationship feel stale and lacks spark? Perhaps your intimate relationship has disappeared.
  • Are you constantly arguing and fighting over even the smallest things? Does is feel like you are in the middle of a battleground?
  • Has the trust in the relationship been broken by infidelity and you don’t know whether your relationship can survive?
  • Are looking for ways to become happier in your relationship and find ways to have a deeper connection with your partner?

Being in a relationship can be very hard, because you have to put all your trust in the hands of another person and successful, long-term relationships require hard work from both partners. Whether your relationship has reached a point of being stuck in the same old stuff and you cannot go on like this or the trust has been broken, emotionally focused couples therapy could help you (re)build an emotional bond with you partner and get you back on track with intimacy.

How can couples counselling help? 

How can couples counselling help you and your partner?

It helps you to:

  • Learn about your negative, repetitive cycles and your emotional responses
  • Develop more effective ways of interacting with your partner
  • Form a closer emotional bond and feel a deeper connection with your partner
  • Have deeper intimacy and feel love & be loved by your partner – Feel a connection deeper than ever before

The way I work is based emotionally focused couples therapy, which has its roots in adult attachment (understanding how your early relationships impact your adult relationships) and neuroscience (understanding how our biology impacts on the choices we make in life and how we relate to our partner). We were all born to this world with an ability to form secure attachments but depending on our personal history we may have learnt that we cannot rely on people to be there for us consistently. We take this experience to our adult relationships. Arguments are often signs of us communicating to our partner that we don’t feel emotionally safe with them and distressed. You may be stuck in this horrible cycle of arguing and you feel desperate to stop it.

My role is to be a process consultant and help you to initially assess and understand your patterns of relating with your partner. Then we start developing new ways of relating and finally the work is about consolidating the changes made. The sessions are mixed individual and couple sessions to give you enough time to process both individually and as a couple. Whilst you develop as an individual and, for example, learn about your emotional responses in a given situation, you then learn to communicate more effectively your needs and wishes to your partner. You start to recognise the patterns you engage in and are able to stop them from escalating. The goal is to create emotional safety which is the basis for deeper connection and contentment in your relationship.

End your emotional pain and heartache, and make the first step towards having a more loving relationship. Contact to arrange your FREE 15min phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!

Start creating an amazing relationship now!

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