Resources for healing, living wholeheartedly and having fulfilling relationships

Therapy resources

The resource library will have free self-help materials for improving your emotional and physical well-being. Where can we send you these FREE self-help tools? You’ll receive a password and link to the Resource Library immediately. 

  • Ideal birth – guided visualisation
  • 28-Day Gratitude Diary
  • Stopping people pleasing and setting boundaries worksheet
  • Building Emotional Flexibility – worksheet
  • Understanding my needs – worksheet
  • 7 Dating Mindsets to understand when you are looking for love
  • How to have more balance and feel more content in your life – e-workbook
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio
  • Self-compassion guided meditation (12 min)
  • Happy/Safe place guided visualisation (10 min)
  • 5 Steps to getting to know your feelings and dealing with them – e-workbook
  • Building shame resilience – e-workbook
  • Develop your self-care survival routine for lockdown

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