Individual therapy

This may feel like a very difficult step, but well done, you have decided to seek support for yourself. Whether you are experiencing general dissatisfaction with your life and how it’s going, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, childhood trauma and/or emotional neglect, you have come to the place of healing, growing and reconnecting.

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How can individual therapy support you in discovering the life you want to have?

One size does not fit all and we are all unique, therefore therapy will be adapted to your individual needs and situations. I offer a regular, confidential, non-judgemental space for you to, for example:

  • Understand yourself and/or your relationships
  • Develop coping strategies for better well-being
  • Find new solutions to old problems and dilemmas
  • Understand how early experiences impact on your present day well-being
  • Learn new emotional tools
  • Heal internal wounds caused by past hurts in relationships
  • Find your voice and make better connections with others
  • Be able to embrace life and life wholeheartedly

Is therapy worth it?


Many people I have worked with have come to therapy initially wondering whether it can make a difference for them. Sticking with it and putting all your effort into understanding who you are, how your relationships are affected by past hurts, and developing more effective ways of looking after yourself and your relationships can make a huge difference to your well-being. Remember – we only have this one life, there is no rerun – you deserve to have the life you wish to live now! You are worth it!

Over the years of working with individuals, I have seen transformations in people for some they may be small but significant and for others bigger and more obvious to the outsider. Previous clients have reported, for example, that after working with me they have more clarity of their needs and they are more reflective of what is really going on for them, which has resulted in their worry and anxiety levels having decreased significantly, they no longer experience the constant dark cloud of depression but instead are able to experience joy in life, they are able to experience self-compassion when facing adversity, and their relationships have improved with others and they feel deeper connections in relationships as they no longer feel that they have to be everything for everyone else and neglecting themselves, as well as understand how their own early childhood relationships impact on present relationships.

What really matters is how your life could be more fulfilling and how you could have a better relationship with yourself: self-love and self-compassion are essential for well-being and having fulfilling relationships with others. Often what makes a difference in therapy is the desire to look inside and work on internal wounds even if it feels frightening at times. I’m there all the way to support you on this journey.

How does therapy work?


Therapy can be either short-term, 6-20 sessions, or longer-term therapy 20+ sessions,  which are 50 min long and take place once a week always at the same time. The number of sessions required is related to the nature and complexity of the distress you experience. Generally, short-term work is more focused on a specific issue whilst longer-term work allows working on multiple areas and on a deeper level.

My style of working is relational and I believe that the relationship we form in therapy is the most important factor for therapy to work. If you would like to know more about me, you can read here.

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