Here you'll find psycho-educational pieces on healing, living wholeheartedly and having fulfilling relationships.

Why is it difficult for me to make changes in my life?

It is that time of the year again, many of us want to make changes in our lives: in relationships, lifestyle (diet, exercise, & relaxation), work, and/or our relationship with ourselves.  Many of us make promises to ourselves to change our behaviours and life but often soon stop doing [...]

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How to survive the festive season with a dysfunctional family

The holiday season can bring out the best and worst in us and in our family members as potentially a lot of time is spent together and there often are expectations for the celebrations. We may have a wish to have a wonderful festive season like in the Hollywood films [...]

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Why is understanding our emotions and feelings so important?

James* took pride in himself for being a rational man who doesn’t get emotional and he excelled at work. However, although he looked cool and collected on the surface, internally he always had a feeling that he didn’t belong and he had to prove himself to earn people's respect. [...]

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7 Steps for transforming your relationship – Part 2: Establishing a safe emotional bond and maintaining love

Sue and Steve* recognise that they have become distant in their relationship since having children and they don't have a safe emotional bond. They are bickering over the smallest things, often over matters that feel trivial but at the time it feels like there is a huge wall between them [...]

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7 Steps for transforming your relationship – Part 1: Assessing relationship patterns and sore spots

Kate and Tom have been together for 5 years. They are both professionals and have successful careers. They used to get along so well but more recently end up arguing more and more. Kate says that it is because Tom doesn’t listen to her and he is insensitive whilst [...]

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Healing the mother wound – Part 2: 10 Steps to healing from emotional absence

The greatest pain of all – the mother wound, the emotional absence of your mother in your early years. The first part of this 2-part series looked at what the mother wound means and how it can impact your well-being as an adult. The mother wound can be defined as [...]

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Healing the mother wound – Part 1: Understanding the mother wound, good enough mothering and the impact of the mother wound as an adult

Perhaps the most painful of all feelings is the awareness that your mother was not there for you emotionally as a child, this creates the mother wound. She might have been physically present but emotionally absent. Perhaps she was (is) very critical and she was telling [...]

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When worry and anxiety are ruining your (work) life – 10 Tips for finding joy in your life

Laura* is a driven woman in her late 30s. She has climbed up the career ladder, is successful in her job, has great friends and enjoys amazing holidays abroad. On paper, everything looks perfect in her life, but she carries a secret that she has only shared with few [...]

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How do our early relationships impact adult well-being & relationships?

From the day we are born, we start to form relationships with people in our world and these early relationships guide our later relationships even in adulthood. The aim of this blog post is to explain how these early relationships often impact our intimate relationships in adulthood: what type [...]

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