relationship e-course

It’s finally here!! 

Transform your relationship from isolation to a loving connection with a self-study program

Do you often feel alone in your relationship? Perhaps your partner often complains that you are distant and don’t care? Do you find it difficult to know how to build and maintain a healthy loving relationship? Perhaps you often just want to run and withdraw when arguments arise and this may cause even more friction in the relationship.

You may realise that your upbringing did not give you the best start and example of creating a loving relationship and how to repair ruptures in a relationship. You may have searched for answers for a while and perhaps that got you here too. You are looking for something to help you to transform your relationship and you are longing for a loving connection with your partner.

I love all about relationships and have spent a lot of time researching how healthy, loving relationships are formed and maintained. In my clinic, I have worked with both individuals and couples helping them to understand their relationship patterns and how to create emotional safety and a deep emotional connection.

Would you like to know that secrets of a truly loving and functioning relationship?

Would you like to put end to the loneliness in your relationship?

Would you like to feel connected, loved and experience harmonious existence in your relationship?

Here I am bringing all of my relationship knowledge in an eight (8) module step by step self-paced e-course which includes in bite-sized pieces the most essential scientific research on relationships, practical advice and exercises to transform your relationship with yourself and your partner.

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